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Online Property Auctions Glasgow – Sell your house fast with Solds

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Whether you are a seller looking to sell your home quickly or an investor looking to buy a property, Solds online property auctions give you the opportunity to enjoy a fast and simple transaction.
Our unique auction system means that all our properties are visible to a wide range of buyers and because bids are made online and forwarded to the seller in real time allowing for an immediate sale if both parties are agreeable.
The property market in Scotland is growing again – but all too often homes sit on the market with agents which can be particularly frustrating for sellers who are looking for a fast sale, so that they can move on to their new home.
For sellers in Glasgow and the local area we offer;
A quick sales process
Transparency of bids and offers
Large number of cash ready buyers
Best market price in the shortest time frame

For buyers or investors in Glasgow we deliver;
Wide range of investment homes
Easy online bidding process
All bids passed immediately to vendor
Simple way to get access to properties with motivated sellers
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To find out more about what we do and our promise to sell your house in 90 days – get in touch with us today on 0844 247 0888 or contact us here

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